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Moving to the Cloud? We’re There for You.

More and more companies are moving to the cloud because of its many benefits, including improved scalability, greater efficiency and cost savings.

It’s why nine out of ten new Atlassian customers are choosing the cloud—a trend that research firm Forrester sees continuing in 2021. It's predicted 30% of firms will continue to accelerate the amount they spend on cloud software and infrastructure.

As many of our customers migrate away from on-premises solutions, we’ve moved our apps and solutions to the cloud to support them.

The migration clock is ticking. Get started now with a trusted partner and Go Beyond Migration to Transformation.

Companies that are planning to migrate to the Atlassian cloud are excited about our new cloud offerings and their easy migration paths. The latest editions to our cloud catalog include:

Scaffolding Forms and Templates for Confluence Cloud -- Transform Confluence data on the cloud into actionable insights using Dynamic Forms and Live Templates. And with Field Group & Live Template macros, you’re able to build solutions on structured data. Learn more.

Composition Tabs for Confluence -- Organize complex content into pages that users enjoy, using powerful, simple-to-use tabs and design macros. Learn more.

Security & Encryption -- Securely store and share sensitive information in Confluence cloud, including passwords, credit card information, software license keys and corporate account details. Learn more.

Find out more about ServiceRocket’s app availability for Atlassian cloud.

Atlassian cloud migration
As an Atlassian partner since its inception in 2002, we’ve provided Atlassian cloud subscription services to thousands of companies. Today, ServiceRocket is aligned to meet and exceed Atlassian’s standards for successful cloud migration and support. We’re here to create a smooth and pain-free migration that prioritizes data security and operational consistency.

Looking for a cloud alternative? Are security restrictions a factor? Take a look at Data Center.

As our industry moves to the cloud, ServiceRocket has got your back.

Spending on cloud migration is likely to continue in 2021.

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