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On Guard! Our Jira Apps Engineers Conquer a Challenging Path

June, 2021

During ServiceRocket’s successful push to migrate our apps to the Atlassian cloud, we encountered a metaphysical paradox:

Is it possible to build an app migration path for a platform migration tool that isn’t finished?

In fact, it IS hard to do. But our Jira Apps engineering team (known as the Sword team) recently did just that, providing our customers with an on-ramp to the Atlassian cloud.

The result: A pathway for migrating from Connector for Salesforce & Jira Server to Cloud—now Cloud Fortified.

“We’ve been working relentlessly for the past few months, slaying dragons and fighting ever-changing requirements left and right,” says Aidin Mahmoodi, Product Manager, ServiceRocket, and project team lead.

Note: this dragon slayer is not a member of the Jira Apps team.

Powered by Atlassian Jira Cloud Migration Assistant, the team forged an ingenious pathway that enables companies to expeditiously move their CRM associated data from Jira server to Jira cloud, even as the underlying Atlassian pre-release technology remains in “early access” mode.

As Mahmoodi points out on the Software Adoption Blog for Atlassian, “Now our customers don’t have to worry as they transition to cloud.”

“This was a great achievement all around,” says Azwandi Aris, Head of Product, ServiceRocket. “The Jira Apps team’s work was crucial for ServiceRocket’s cloud strategy, as well as for the benefit of our partners and customers.”

Developing this feature was especially difficult as the CMA (Cloud Migration Assistant) was still under development by Atlassian. In fact, adds Mohd Fadli, Software Engineer, ServiceRocket, “the CMA was changed and updated almost every week, as the product is still in Beta. We needed to react to changes quickly and come out with a new plan for almost every update.”

Fortunately, notes Nurul Hanisah Kamarul Zaman, Software Engineer, ServiceRocket,  the team was able to tap into robust communication channels. “The Atlassian Developer's community forum and Slack channel helped us successfully implement Cloud Migration.” These channels, says Zaman, “were crucial in guiding the team towards shipping this feature when a framework wasn’t available.”

That kind of collective thinking reflects one of ServiceRocket’s core values. “Our Sword team showed an extreme #ThinkTeam mindset,” notes Mahmoodi. “By pushing through, they were able to deliver phenomenal results.”

ServiceRocket was one of the few vendors to have a migration path available on Atlassian’s Cloud Migration Assistant EAP (Early Access Program).

Short of knighthood, the Sword team’s achievement was duly noted by Atlassian.

“This was a huge opportunity for us to further demonstrate our We've Got Your Back brand promise to customers and to our partner, Atlassian,” says Aris. Just as important, notes Daniil Thien Lok Tang, Software Engineer, ServiceRocket, “The project gave us a better understanding of our product’s functionality, as well as working within Atlassian’s ecosystem.“

That understanding goes deep. Nearly two decades on, ServiceRocket and Atlassian remain vitally connected.

The Jira Apps team is ready to build on their success.

“With the migration tool already in place, the Jira Apps team is able to introduce improvements to its capabilities and experience,” adds Aris. “Combined with our 24x5 support team, we‘re ready to work alongside all sorts of customers—SMBs, SMEs and large enterprises.”

Kudos to our Sword (i.e, Jira Apps) engineering team! Their winning delivery of a Cloud Fortified migration strategy conquered a truly challenging environment (fictional facsimile below).  

We know that migration is a challenging task for customers to plan and execute, especially as business requires a reliable, available and secure platform. Our migration path ensures that critical tools like the Connector for Salesforce & Jira can continue to function and perform in the cloud.

It takes a team to slay a dragon.

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