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Rocketeer Close Up: Betty Messina

What did you want to be when you grew up?

“I may not have had a concrete dream job in mind, but as a child there was always a deep-seated desire to become a business professional,” recalls Betty Messina.

Shaped by an exuberant upbringing, that desire held fast.  

Today Betty serves as a Product Manager within ServiceRocket's dynamic product team, focusing on developing innovative service solutions and strategic pricing strategies.

Betty with Azwandi Aris, Executive Director, Product Management

"I have the opportunity to combine my passion for business with my natural talent for innovation and problem-solving,” says Betty. “Coupled with creativity, it enables me to visualize solutions that precisely cater to customer demands."

Equipped with countless certifications, Betty is a lifelong learner. That makes product management the perfect fit for her. “It’s about staying relevant and current on best practices,” says Betty. She’s also an avid world-traveler and equestrian.

A deep passion for learning—combined with a depth of discipline—has informed her adventurous life and career.

The journey began in Cuba
“I was born in Havana,” recalls Betty, “where I spent my formative years. There were many weekend trips to Varadero Beach before it became a well-known tourist destination.”

Havana, Cuba

Her family later moved to Madrid and connected with extended family; other relatives across the Atlantic beckoned. The Big Apple proved too alluring to resist. The family settled in the Bronx and later moved to Queens.

New York’s rich cultural scene, recalls Betty, “exposed me to a tapestry of rich cultures. I  made friends with people from all walks of life.” She discovered a passion that spoke to her roots: Cuban dance, including the cha cha, salsa, danzon, rumba and conga.

“My newfound talent led me to embrace competitive dancing during my high school years, where I had the privilege of winning numerous dance contests from New York to Miami and even Europe.”

Performing at Carnegie Hall
With talent and ability to spare, Betty added another avocation to her busy life: mastering the classical piano. “I would spend three to five hours each day practicing.”

A young Betty performs for friends and family

Her discipline paid off. “I got to perform classical piano concertos in venues like Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center while juggling my dance competitions and school education.”

Acceptance into Columbia University marked a pivotal moment. “Living in the heart of the city was a truly remarkable experience. I was immersed in its dynamic energy and the cultural mosaic of Manhattan while remaining close to the Columbia campus.”

Life at ServiceRocket
Betty’s capabilities have found a receptive home at ServiceRocket, where accountable innovation drives product development.

“At ServiceRocket I've been able to make a meaningful impact by enhancing the customer experience,” notes Betty. She cites the ability to shape and influence the development of services as incredibly fulfilling.

“The collaborative culture at ServiceRocket has not only allowed me to learn from others,” she says, “it also created a robust knowledge-sharing environment critical in shaping successful product strategies, fostering continuous adaptation to changing landscapes. Sharing the knowledge is also one of the company's five core values."

Those values emphasize a positive and open-minded atmosphere where diverse perspectives are welcomed and celebrated.

ServiceRocket’s global culture also aligns with Betty’s vast travel experiences. “They’ve taken me across continents, including Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and every corner of Europe, as well to 45 states across America.”

At the Aerospace Museum in California

Where passion meets precision
More recently Betty has cultivated another passion that, much like music and dance, requires keen focus and discipline.  

“Six years ago, for our 11th year of marriage on the 11th day of the 11th month, my husband and I decided to break away from the ordinary and venture into uncharted territory: horseback riding!”

The equestrian duo

From that moment on, says Betty, riding became a shared pursuit. “We’ve continued to ride every week, forming a bond with the horses and a love for the equestrian lifestyle.”

“It feels like an unspoken dialogue occurs between me and the horse.”

Creating a balanced and fulfilling life
An avid runner, Betty once ran 50 miles a week and completed four New York City Marathons.

Of late she’s more likely to do Pilates and weightlifting; she also enjoys meeting new people, spending time with close family members and going out for great coffee. “I’m a big coffee drinker!” she admits.  

These activities provide the perfect work life balance to her many accomplishments at ServiceRocket.

“I’ve developed service solutions with multiple pricing structures including subscription-based plans for platform partners (Atlassian, NetSuite, Meta, Miro and Appfire). I’ve also led the development of service offerings for IT service management (ITSM), cloud migrations, customer education, training, administration and support.”

Betty looks forward to growing her knowledge and experience at ServiceRocket.  

“What truly excites me is the chance to collaborate with talented Rocketeers along with continuously learning and adapting quickly to meet evolving market demands.”

ServiceRocket's innovative product team utilizes a #ThinkTeam mindset that turns vision into reality. Collaborating across continents, Rocketeers enjoy an array of amazing global benefits. Join us.

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