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Rocketeers and Graham Betchart: Embracing More Joy

Stress, anxiety and worry are unavoidable outcomes of modern day life.

While that may be true, it doesn’t have to be, says Graham Betchart. Simply by being more mindful—more present—says Graham, we can replace negativity and stress with joy and opportunity.

For over a decade, the mental skills coach has enabled elite athletes, sports teams including the Sacramento Kings, business leaders and others to reframe their response to success and failure. Winning, says Graham, is about what’s important now. Focus on what you can control and let everything else go.

Graham’s connection to ServiceRocket goes deep—check out some of his earliest sessions at ServiceRocket on his website.

His online webinars, videos and in-person meetings inspired Rocketeers to embrace vulnerability, particularly as COVID put life in lockdown.

Today, Graham serves as ServiceRocket's Mental Performance Coach. He first met Rob Castaneda, CEO, ServiceRocket, in 2019. The bond was immediate and thrives to this day.

“Graham’s ideas support ServiceRocket’s culture of wellness,” says Rob, “as well as our #StableConfidence that Rocketeers delight in sharing with customers, partners and each other.”

Graham and Rob

During a recent visit to ServiceRocket's Palo Alto office, Graham coached Rocketeers in mental skills that help reset negative thinking and manifest greater joy, right now. Excerpts from his talk are shared below.

Be where your feet are

It’s easy to obsess about the future—what will happen today, tomorrow, in a week or six months? The truth is we don’t know.

What we can understand is where we are now. That goes back to our ability to be present, to be where we are, to find our footing with our breath.

Practice being present using your breath as an anchor into the now.

Whether alone or with others, focusing on breath is a great way to center yourself and connect with others, especially when working remotely. Taking three breaths together at the start of a meeting aligns everyone’s energy and vibration.

Refocus fast when you lose your focus. Bounce back to the present.

We all have important goals and aspirations. Don’t let yourself outrun them. Instead, run the play you’re given.

Staying focused can bring greater purpose and meaning to your life right now.

Complete the task at hand. Stay present and mindful. Your energy and focus will attract more energy and, in turn, the next opportunity. When that opportunity comes your way, you’ll be ready for it. Run the route and stay in the game.

Choose your response

Instead of reacting to the first emotion you feel, choose your response with great body language.

When you show up with others, ask yourself, “What’s my energy right now? What vibe am I bringing to this situation?” While you can’t change circumstances or even other people, you can take responsibility for yourself.

Take responsibility to bring your focus back to the present.

Rather than simply reacting, choose your response. This will enable you to stay centered and in harmony with others. What do I mean by ‘harmony’? It’s choosing to stay present, stay in your own body and remain connected to what’s happening right now.

Everything you need is available in the present.

In addition to his work as a mental skills coach, Graham Betchart is the author of Play Present: A Mental Skills Training Program for Basketball Players. He is a co-founder and coach of Train the Mind®, a program that provides kids with tools to improve their focus and become more resilient, turning nervous energy into positive energy. Learn more about Graham.

Are you looking for a diverse global culture that supports wellness, offers every Rocketeer amazing benefits and has your back? Join us.

Finding joy in the present.

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