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ServiceRocket: An Atlassian Specialized Partner in ITSM and Cloud

ServiceRocket has a long and trusted relationship with Atlassian. From the earliest days, we’ve supported Confluence and Jira, added new use cases and provided thousands of companies with quality training and four-star support.

Today, as a Platinum Solutions Partner, that legacy continues.

We're proud to announce our certifications as an Atlassian ITSM Specialized Partner and an Atlassian Cloud Specialized Partner.

“Getting global specializations isn’t easy—it takes time, focus and expertise to complete the technical requirements,” says Kharisma Moraski, VP Partner and Customer Solutions. “Our team drew on years of experience and completed the requirements in an amazingly short amount of time. That speaks to our strength and commitment as an Atlassian partner and to our expertise in ITSM.”

A track record in Cloud expertise
ServiceRocket’s certification in Platinum level Cloud Specialization represents years of proven success. “Our experience with migrations began in 2016, when we moved a large wave of our Connector for Salesforce and Jira customers to the Atlassian cloud platform, says Peter Marquez, Chief Customer Officer.

“We’ve delivered hundreds of Atlassian cloud implementations and migrations,” he notes, “and we're ready to deliver successful migrations and transformations on demand.”

Advancing the JSM platform
As software and systems are increasingly interwoven with the fabric of work, IT Service Management (ITSM) has become critical to corporate success.

At ServiceRocket, we made a commitment to build the best IT infrastructure for our own business. We furthered that commitment by leveraging the Atlassian Jira Service Management (JSM) platform, enabling us to bring these best practices to our customers.

“We are very proud of the work we are doing in ITSM and with Atlassian JSM,” says JC Duarte, VP, Line of Business Owner. “Our work in this area is advanced and proven. We combine structure and design-thinking to implement JSM and ITSM programs that support our customer’s needs and culture.”

These accomplishments reflect our twenty-plus years experience in supporting, training, consulting and designing Atlassian solutions. As one of our lead consultants likes to say: "At ServiceRocket, we live and breathe the Atlassian stack.”

ServiceRocket’s Cloud and ITSM Specialization certifications are part of a commitment we make to every customer, partner and Rocketeer:

We’re the single most reliable partner in the acceleration of your growth.  

Find out how ServiceRocket can enable your successful Cloud migration and help your business build a better ITSM platform.

Sign up for our webinar: How to Take Advantage of the Top ITSM Trends with Jira Service Management

Visit the ServiceNow to JSM Migration Hub

We know Atlassian.

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