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ServiceRocket Partners with Thought Industries to Advance Customer Education

September, 2021

As part of our growing ecosystem, ServiceRocket is excited to expand its customer education offerings by partnering with Thought Industries, a leader in customer learning management.

“When we went looking for a partner who would innovate and expand capabilities for our customers, we recognized the dynamic synergy between our two companies,” says Rob Castaneda, CEO, ServiceRocket.

“We share a common belief: that online learning experiences should be modern, intuitive, engaging and scalable,” says Castaneda.

“We’re incredibly proud and excited to be partnering with ServiceRocket,” says Barry Kelly, CEO, Thought Industries. “Combining the best customer learning software and services solutions will help our clients drive retention, increase revenue, and scale far beyond the limits of legacy LMS systems.”  

Learning is front and center at both companies.

With the acquisition of the learning platform Learndot in 2010, ServiceRocket deepened its focus on software adoption to help fast-growing software companies deliver customer value.

At Thought Industries, Barry Kelly and Doug Murphy set out to build a learning platform that made sense and created value for both the learner and the administrator. The result was the Thought Industries Platform, launched five years ago. The platform continues to evolve with the launch of the Customer Learning Cloud.

As ServiceRocket’s platform of choice for customer education programs, Thought Industries’ world-class learning management system will serve as the foundation of ServiceRocket’s customer education offerings.

“By adding Thought Industries to our ecosystem, we can now focus one hundred percent of our energies on delivering the best learning content and customer education managed services to our partners and their customers,” notes Bill Cushard, General Manager, Learndot. “Our existing and new customers will continue to receive the innovation and quality services they know and love from ServiceRocket, enhanced by Thought Industries’ market-leading LMS features and capabilities.”

The partnership aligns with an increasing need for customer education in an ever-evolving marketplace.  

“When we talk to SaaS companies about building their Whole Product Ecosystem, customer education is critical to ensuring adoption, retention and customer success,” says Peter Marquez, CCO, ServiceRocket. “By partnering with Thought Industries we can provide everything a customer needs to get their customer education program off the ground, productive and optimized.“

That’s exciting news for ServiceRocket’s customers and partners, notes Castaneda, a development that reflects the company’s mission from early on.

“Whether they need coaching, augmentation, or a turnkey solution, our partnership with Thought Industries allows us to be the most reliable partner in the acceleration and growth of their customers' education programs. That’s who we are.”

Learning is power.

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