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Tech Skills. Real Life Experience. Fun. ServiceRocket Bootcamp Rocks!

Considering a career in tech? Looking to further your tech skills? Talk to the many happy graduates of ServiceRocket Bootcamp.

Beyond the amazing learning and camaraderie, many recall the personal growth that made it an unforgettable experience.

“Despite the interruption of a global pandemic, ServiceRocket’s Bootcamp keeps getting better and better,” says Jeff Lipschultz, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition. “That assessment is based on the enthusiastic reviews that graduates give it.”

Bootcamp’s amazing track record is no accident. Under its longstanding director, Septa Cahyadiputra, Senior Analyst, Business Partner, Bootcamp brings a unique focus to professional development.

2016 Bootcampers with Septa Cahyadiputra, second from right, and ServiceRocket CEO Rob Castaneda, center

What makes ServiceRocket’s Bootcamp different?
As Septa notes, most bootcamps focus on skills, “more specifically, technical skills.” That narrow curriculum struck him as hollow. He decided to prioritize life skills as well.

“I designed a bootcamp where the tech skills are the result of the character-building that people experience during the program.”

An experience that grows the individual as they grow their tech skills? Brilliant.

That approach aligns with ServiceRocket’s core values, says Septa. “We live our five values every day at ServiceRocket. In order to be successful here (or anywhere), I believe that bootcampers must truly understand how to live them. That’s what the program demonstrates: what it takes to be a Rocketeer.”

“Be hungry, humble and smart. That’s our mantra at ServiceRocket,” notes Septa.

Bootcamp’s origin story
It all began in an all-hands meeting in 2015.

“I remember it as if it were yesterday,” recalls Septa. “Rob (Castaneda, CEO, ServiceRocket) traveled to our Kuala Lumpur office. He talked about creating a training program for our extended support team as a hiring initiative.”

The idea stirred Septa’s imagination. “After the meeting I created a proposal and sent it over to Adeline Ng and Rob. They immediately decided to execute the plan.”

ServiceRocket Bootcamp was born. After a brief hiatus, the program has been kicking it out of the park ever since.

Countless attendees have given ServiceRocket’s Bootcamp glowing reviews; many have gone on to become Rocketeers and build a vibrant career at ServiceRocket. “Some have become managers, senior support engineers and senior consultants,” says Septa. “The fact that most Bootcamp graduates have developed a successful career, whether at ServiceRocket or elsewhere, makes me incredibly proud.”

That lineage, rightly so, warms Septa’s heart, which he brings to every Bootcamp. As proof, he leads 2016 Bootcampers in a spirited Beatles cover below.

How is Bootcamp evolving?
Bootcamp has always prepared attendees for a thriving career in tech by focusing on Managed Services, notes Septa. “But we are starting to put more emphasis on Professional Services as well.”

In true ServiceRocket fashion, “we are always experimenting,” notes Jeff. “We’re excited about our goal to have multiple Bootcamp programs for different business practices in the future.”

That expansion saw the first Bootcamp in Santiago, Chile in 2022 with a smaller number of attendees (including Miguel, below) who spent a great deal of time with mentors and instructors.

ServiceRocket Bootcamp is also bringing together attendees from across continents. “Whatever the context, it’s not only about technology, but mastering real-life career skills like problem-solving and decision making,” adds Jeff.

That evolution is a response to the changing needs of today’s job seekers.

“ServiceRocket as a company is very open to the idea of changing roles,” adds Septa. “We welcome people who have the initiative to learn new tech skills, people who bring their unique skills and experience to Bootcamp from other industries.”

What does it take to succeed in Bootcamp?
As a ServiceRocket Bootcamp founder and beloved instructor, Septa finds that “attendees who are driven are most likely to succeed.” Of those, he notes, only the best are given the opportunity to become a Rocketeer, a choice they’re free to make themselves.

His sage career advice is relevant for anyone who is looking to forge a career in tech.

“Be hungry and understand that you paint your own path.”

Wise words, indeed.

Are you ready to paint your own path in tech, meet great people and grow as a person? Ready to find out if you’re Rocketeer material? Visit ServiceRocket Bootcamp.

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