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The Myth of the Instant Ecosystem

In Greek mythology, Athena, goddess of wisdom and war, was born fully formed (and in armor, no less) from the head of Zeus. The protectress of Athens was a powerful Olympian from the get-go. 

Of course, in the real world, wisdom isn’t so readily achieved. It requires trial and error. It demands faith and persistence, and more than a good measure of failure. There are no shortcuts to wisdom in our mortal world. But if its components—being present, curious, and a willingness to learn—are applied consistently over time, a path to wisdom emerges. 

As ServiceRocket enters its 21st year, we continue our unique path to wisdom. 

We’ve put in the time to learn from our failures and grow from our success. We now find ourselves at an exciting forefront: the rise of the software ecosystem, an essential requirement for today’s successful platforms.

As a 12-year member of the Salesforce ecosystem, a founding partner/enabler of the Atlassian ecosystem and as service provider to companies including Mulesoft, Cloudera, Splunk and Snowflake, we’ve actually been building software ecosystems from the beginning. 

Along the way, we’ve learned what it takes to keep them healthy and vital. We’ve observed, defined and enhanced the patterns that enable that process; we’ve also called out the so called shortcuts that lead to dead ends. 

The big takeaway? Software ecosystems are never born fully formed. There is a process to their growth; that process is crucial to their success.

As our CEO Rob Castaneda has said, “A marketplace doesn't instantly transform a product into an ecosystem.”

It starts with a proven path, established by trailblazers. Its foundation is built on the work and experience of others.

Over time, we’ve garnered some fundamental truths. Three of those learnings:

  • Software ecosystems take time to cultivate and require effort to build
  • Proven and established patterns provide a foundation for their growth
  • People and partners that have successfully built them before can get you there faster 

Every company has a unique mission to fulfill, one that requires exploration, learning and evolution. Often, it requires support.

Our mission is straightforward: to be a reliable and trusted partner for companies committed to building thriving software ecosystems.

Athena, we’ve got your back.

Healthy ecosystems require time, effort and proven patterns.

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