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The ServiceRocket Journey: From Intern to Rocketeer

Many interns choose to become Rocketeers at ServiceRocket. How great is that!

Actually, we’re the lucky ones.

Interns bring eagerness, energy and enthusiasm to our culture and a can-do spirit to their teams. They’re nurtured by our company values and given the same respect that every Rocketeer receives. Our commitment to them is the same: provide a life experience, not just a job.

When we asked a few of our former interns, now proud Rocketeers, for their thoughts, they spoke straight from the heart.  

Carmen's favorite hobbies: "I enjoy reading about history, baking desserts, going on walks with my dog and singing."

Her role at Rocketeer: "As Associate Engineer, I work with our awesome Support team in Santiago. We help clients troubleshoot issues around the world."

About her internship:  "It was great! I started learning and being involved at every level from day one. That gave me confidence when I didn’t know how to proceed in a situation. My internship also improved my professional skills: how I manage my time and pay attention to details. Everyone has your back at ServiceRocket."

Being a Rocketeer: "Since ServiceRocket has offices around the world, I've learned a lot about other cultures. Sharing Knowledge is one of our company values."

Amir's favorite hobbies: "What I love most is traveling and getting to know new places. It doesn’t have to be another country or continent, it’s all about the adventure."

His role at ServiceRocket: "As an Associate Engineer, my job is to solve customer’s questions and issues as clearly and quickly as possible. We make it a point to Share Knowledge so customers get the most from our apps."

About his internship: "Everyday we learned something new. We got hands-on experience by studying first, and then tested our knowledge with teammates who gave us their feedback."

How ServiceRocket enabled his personal growth: "The whole company has a mentality of continuous improvement. That’s motivated me to work harder, make use of my strengths and acknowledge my weaknesses. I’ve grown my soft skills, including my time management, multi-tasking and research capability."

“We let interns know that we Talk Straight at ServiceRocket.”

     – Immanuel Siagian, Manager,          Customer Support

“Our values apply to everyone, regardless of experience or position. Our Support team also practices our ‘We’ve got your back’ brand promise, both internally as well to our customers,”  adds Siagian. “We encourage interns to share their feedback, build on it, and follow through. Discussions are always two-way.”

With Siagian’s mentorship, Carmen and Amir’s experience mirrors another member of the Santiago Support team who will soon transition from intern to Rocketeer.

Alejandra's favorite hobbies : "I really enjoy knitting or crocheting and love to embroider. My abuelita would be proud!"

Her role at ServiceRocket: "Just as Carmen, as part of the Support team I’m learning how to solve problems that customers have with their applications."

About her internship: "After intense training, I immediately began to work with clients—my entire team had my back! I know what it takes to do this job because I’ve done it all!"

How ServiceRocket enabled her personal growth: "I’ve learned to give myself the space to make mistakes and learn from them."

On becoming a Rocketeer: "I’m very happy to announce this. There is still so much to learn! I can’t wait to see what comes next."    

The professional growth of every intern is a priority at ServiceRocket, notes Siagian. “We believe in providing good foundational training and a support/buddy system. Whatever task they take on, interns never go through it alone.”

“Problem-solving is a big part of the intern experience.”

     – Gretchen Pawloski, Director,          Product Marketing

“Interns often start out tentative, but as their experience and knowledge grows, they feel empowered to work independently,” says Pawloski. As part of her Product Marketing Management team, this next intern felt supported from day one.  

Camila's favorite hobbies: "I'm learning to play the drums, love to watch anime and take flexibility and fitness classes."

Her role at ServiceRocket: "As a Marketing Associate I focus on Atlassian communications. I’m always learning. My Growth team managers trusted me from day one."  

About her internship: "It was very busy! Lots of learning and very fast paced. I had no context about Atlassian. I learned a lot, which is something I personally enjoy."

How ServiceRocket enabled her personal growth: "In a way it has by pushing me to grow and learn more everyday and exceed expectations."

Being a Rocketeer: "Everyone is constantly living and breathing ServiceRocket's values, like Think Team and Delight the Customer. Everyone here goes above and beyond."

Think Team. Delight the Customer. Share the Knowledge.

These ServiceRocket values infuse internships with meaning and purpose.

“It’s our job, not just to assign interns work, but to make sure they grow and thrive,” adds Pawloski. And the rewards, she notes, are mutual. “I’ve seen when a Rocketeer is teaching an intern—they deepen their own knowledge. That’s a win-win.”

What's next for these interns-turned-Rocketeers?

“I’m excited to see how much I can accomplish here,” says Reyes. “You don’t need all the answers to constantly improve and move forward,” adds Rosales. And although she’s been at the company for less than a year, Mendez says she's “already mastered skills that will help me for the rest of my career.”

Welcome to the Rocketeer family. Let’s keep on growing!

ServiceRocket is committed to creating a mindful and open culture that supports the growth of every Rocketeer. Interested in joining us? Look for Future Opportunities Applications by region in our Career listings to be considered for a role that aligns with your background.

Values drive growth.

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