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Expanding our Commitment to Salesforce and Jira Users

In 2013, CRM data was siloed, creating inconsistencies and inefficiencies in service delivery.

That meant precious time was spent, and often wasted, when teams were trying to meet customer needs in a timely way. That same year we introduced Connector for Salesforce & Jira and began our work in the area of tech-enabled services.

Fast forward to today. Thousands of companies use the Connector to optimize internal processes around a single source of truth. With greater transparency and streamlined cross-functional workflows, companies operate healthier and more effective internal ecosystems that drive customer satisfaction.  

“At ServiceRocket, our goal is to help customers exceed expectations and get the most out of their efforts,”  says Federico Navarro, Project Manager, Growth, ServiceRocket.

That’s why we launched the Connector for Salesforce & Jira product knowledge hub.

“We want to maximize the value our customers create with this product,” says Aidin Mahmoodi, Product Manager, ServiceRocket. “The Connector for Salesforce & Jira product knowledge hub is a home for all of our accumulated know-how about Connector and how it can be used to help companies do more than they imagined possible.”

By centralizing a rich trove of resources, including customer use cases, blog posts, documentation, FAQ, support, meetings and live chat, people can find answers faster and discover how the Connector can enhance their business processes.

“Up-to-date product knowledge is critical as companies build competitive advantage,” says Alfonso Gomez, E-Commerce Manager, ServiceRocket. “We’re continually updating Connector and uncovering new use cases that add value. We perpetually learn from our customers' success.”

As Connector adds new features, so too will the Connector product knowledge hub.

Continual learning with use cases
Use cases, a primary feature of the product knowledge hub, illustrate the ongoing need for better collaboration. “They provide insight into the nature of the product and its ability to streamline and automate workflows,” notes Navarro. “That’s a powerful story for many companies.”

For example, many legal teams use Salesforce to create and securely store documents. Connector unites this data with pre-sales teams working in Jira. This fully automates a bi-directional integration between the two platforms, giving law firms the means to deliver client services more efficiently.

“Use cases,” says Gomez, “provide a context for how to leverage the Connector or the starting point for its implementation. They also help customers realize its ROI.”

Connector delivers an out of the box solution that works for 90% of use cases—what Gomez calls its “extensive malleability.” But Connector is also highly customizable, says Navarro.  

“We offer services that deliver automations on both systems, Jira or Salesforce. This way we can complement our experience to the organization’s special needs, automate and skyrocket their productivity.”

Ready to skyrocket your company’s productivity? Visit the Connector for Salesforce & Jira product knowledge hub.

Connected platforms create exponential value.

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