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ServiceRocket Celebrates 20 Years as a Catalyst for Growth
August 5, 2021

ServiceRocket, an industry leader in ecosystem development and tech-enabled service delivery, marks its twentieth year of helping fast-growing companies to adopt technology and achieve exponential growth.


From its global headquarters in Palo Alto, California, to its offices across the globe, ServiceRocket’s Rocketeers provide deep expertise in software adoption. Their know-how has enabled the growth of companies such as Snowflake, Qantas, Cloudera, Digital.ai and Cisco, among others.

Company founder and CEO Rob Castaneda attributes ServiceRocket’s success to its practical and thoughtful approach to tech-enabled services and solutions, as well as the unwavering commitment of its global team of Rocketeers, representing 15 nationalities across five continents.

“For two decades now, ServiceRocket has been powered by the heart and determination of Rocketeers who are committed to delivering for our customers and partners,” says Castaneda. “While the technologies will evolve and change, great service remains the underpinning of a superior customer experience. I’m proud to work with a team that leads with know-how and empathy, and who embrace each other like family.”

ServiceRocket and Atlassian
From the start, ServiceRocket fostered a shared culture of learning with Rocketeers, customers and partners. As Atlassian’s first partner, the company developed a mutually beneficial relationship with the Australian company. Today, more than four thousand Atlassian product instances rely on ServiceRocket technology or services to enhance productivity and value.

Service, Learning, Innovation and Partnership
ServiceRocket’s success is built around four key pillars: service, as reflected in the company’s name, as well as learning, innovation and partnership.

Early on, the company’s founders understood their calling was to work in service of others. This required a think-team attitude as well as a broader and more collaborative definition of team that included partners and customers.

ServiceRocket's earliest engagements were delivering training. Rocketeers had to learn quickly and then promptly share this knowledge with customers to speed their software adoption. Today, prospective partners continue to recognize this capability as one of ServiceRocket’s strategic strengths.

Innovation informs much of how the company works, from its four-star approach to customer technical support to its innovative solutions that accelerate the growth and development of partner ecosystems.

Innovation also informs the diverse benefits offered to Rocketeers, including a Returnity program for new parents, a TechChoice program that allows Rocketeers to select and buy their own technology, as well as a global employee stock option plan and professional development opportunities.

Long before the first Atlassian Summit, partnership played an important part of the work ethos at ServiceRocket. It quickly became clear that the company excelled at helping partners build ecosystems. That work continues to this day with Atlassian and companies including Salesforce, Digital.ai, Workplace by Facebook, Thought Industries and many others.

The Future of ServiceRocket
Building on its know-how and expertise, ServiceRocket plans to grow its collaborative approach with customers and partners.

“Our customers and partners have to make tough choices everyday,'' says Peter John Marquez, Chief Customer Officer, ServiceRocket. “Often, there’s a conflict between what needs to be done and what they are asked to do by their stakeholders and customers. Collaborating with ServiceRocket, a trusted partner, simplifies tough choices. Our expertise, reliability and creativity turn uncertainty into opportunities for future growth.“

About ServiceRocket
ServiceRocket enables fast-growing software companies to execute at the highest levelsW with its 4-star support offerings, professional services and marketplace apps.

As an industry leader in ecosystem development and tech-enabled service delivery, ServiceRocket also helps platform companies execute whole product go-to-market ecosystem strategies. This gives companies the ability to focus on their core value proposition, while their customers benefit from ServiceRocket’s expertise and their developing ecosystem community.

Based in Palo Alto, California, ServiceRocket’s global teams extend across Australia, Chile, Malaysia, India, the United Kingdom and Canada. Visit http://www.servicerocket.com for more information.‍

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