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Talk Social to Me and ServiceRocket Team Up to Bring Elevate Program to the Enterprise
November 4, 2021

Customize your Workplace experience with Elevate.

If you’re bringing Workplace by Facebook into your organization, and you need more controls, insights and guardrails than what the basic platform provides, then it’s time to customize your Workplace experience with Elevate.

Regulations + Deskless Workforce = Adoption Challenges

For anyone who has worked in a regulated industry or a “deskless worker” atmosphere (or both), you’ll know that using communication and collaboration tools at work can be tricky. For deskless workers like retail associates, manufacturing teams, and drivers, their day-to-day work brings them face-to-face with customers and products daily, but often they are more isolated from their coworkers and don’t have the technology tools to properly share information quickly. In regulated industries like healthcare, companies want to get their employees more connected while still adhering to the many restrictions and compliance requirements that are mandated. And, due to concerns around HIPAA and employee unions, deskless workers are sometimes seen as a riskier group to enable with company-wide communication tools.

Changing the Community Management Paradigm

Talk Social to Me has advised clients on regulatory challenges over the past 10 years and helped clients put programs in place to promote adoption of their platforms while still properly addressing these valid concerns. However, organic adoption in regulated and hourly environments can still be slow to take hold. But with the changing landscape, and the introduction of Workplace by Facebook,  the time was ripe to re-invent the standard approach to community management and empower companies to approach communities with less fear.

Introducing Elevate — Automatic Moderation, Personalized Use Case Coaching

This is why Talk Social to Me is excited to announce our partnership with ServiceRocket, a leading provider of Workplace apps and bots (in addition to other awesome collaboration apps for Atlassian). Together, we have created an accelerated adoption program aimed at highly-regulated and deskless workforce enterprise customers of Workplace by Facebook. Our program, called Elevate, is the first of its kind developed by two official Workplace deployment partners. Elevate will offer Workplace customers access to ServiceRocket’s proprietary Moderation and Insights app alongside Talk Social to Me’s consulting services for critical use cases in compliance management, employee discussion trends, and influencer coaching. Our program is designed to “elevate” the experience for companies that require keyword alerting, tighter governance, and behavioral guidance in their communication and collaboration efforts.

So, What Does Elevate Look Like?

With the Elevate program, Workplace admins get access to two teams, new technology, and two paths of customized support:

  1. Access to the Service Rocket Moderate app, which provides customized moderation and alerting for your Workplace community on a per-group and overall-network basis. With Moderate, admins can set alerts for keywords, find spontaneous conversations that have exploded in popularity, and take a real time pulse of what employees are talking about.
  2. Custom coaching and guidance from Talk Social to Me’s team of community managers, specific to instituting best practices in moderation as well as building engaging communities for a variety of employee populations.

ServiceRocket and Talk Social to Me’s Elevate program is available immediately. For more information, please visit our Elevate information page.

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