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UTS and ServiceRocket Announce Three Year Industry Partnership
December 1, 2023

This innovative partnership creates a new TD school elective that challenges students to reimagine technology in a complex world.

ServiceRocket CEO and Founder Rob Castaneda and Rocketeers are joined by UTS staff Martin Tomitsch, Amanda McGregor, Giedre Kligyte, Francine Crimmins and Ardalan Eslami.

29 November 2023, Sydney
ServiceRocket will be the lead industry partner for the new TD School Elective subject ‘Technologies reimagined in a complex world’.

Commencing 2024, University of Technology Sydney (UTS) undergraduate students who study this subject will discover and reimagine ways to harness technology to create a more virtuous, inclusive, sustainable and equitable world.

The partnership continues a long-established relationship between UTS and ServiceRocket. Founder and CEO Rob Castaneda is a graduate of UTS and a member of the UTS North America Advisory Board. ServiceRocket regularly supports mentoring and scholarship programs for UTS students and UTS Startups, and Rob has occasionally taught alongside his mentors within the Faculty of Engineering and IT.

UTS TD School has pioneered a unique, multi-award-winning approach to transdisciplinary learning and created the award winning Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation program.

Rob Castaneda, CEO and Founder of ServiceRocket, said: “This is an incredible opportunity for ServiceRocket. Students across seven faculties will work in multi-disciplinary teams and learn how to collaborate with their peers to tackle a complex challenge very close to my heart - In our complex interconnected world, how do we leverage technology to best enable people to impact their career, their organisation, and the communities in which they live?

“Every aspect of the ServiceRocket culture is anchored by a promise to help our people learn and grow and impact their careers, families and local communities. I try to encourage in everyone an interest in making a difference - because there’s so much disparity in the world.

“The more we learn about other people, empathize with them and look for ways to help, the better our communities become. We are very excited to see how the great minds of UTS students can think through this wicked problem and help us find ways to unlock the best in our people and encourage innovation.”

Professor Martin Tomitsch, Head of TD School said: “We are thrilled to have ServiceRocket as an industry partner working with our undergraduate students in this new TD Elective subject.  

“We know that after graduation, our students will need the skills to intervene in problems that span across several disciplines.

“This subject is an opportunity for students to leverage their own knowledge and perspectives, study methods from other disciplines, and work with their peers across UTS to develop a proposal for reimagining the use of technology in our world.

“Having an organisation like ServiceRocket partner on the exploration of this real-world challenge enables students to see themselves not only in the university context but as emerging professionals who can put their ideas to the test and learn alongside some of the great minds of industry.”

More information:

Anna Fitzgerald
+61 410 447 922

Francine Crimmins
TD School
+61 418 47 3007

About ServiceRocket
Headquartered in Palo Alto and founded in Sydney, ServiceRocket is a global leader in tech-enabled services with offices around the world. A trusted partner to Atlassian, NetSuite, Miro and Appfire, ServiceRocket reduces technical complexity with human expertise and smart solutions.  Its mission: to be the single most reliable partner in the acceleration of growth for customers, partners and Rocketeers worldwide.

ServiceRocket is an Atlassian ITSM Specialized and Cloud Specialized Partner, providing trusted Platform Services such as Support, Implementation and Customer Education for software companies and Tech Services for enterprises, including Licensing, Subscription Training, Migration and more.

CIOReview awarded ServiceRocket a Top Atlassian Services Company 2023; the San Francisco Chronicle recognized ServiceRocket as one of the Top Workplaces 2023 in the Bay Area.

ServiceRocket founder and CEO Rob Castaneda is President of the San Francisco chapter of Entrepreneurs Organisation and a member of the UTS North America Advisory Board. He has been named one of the ‘40-under-40’ entrepreneurs by the Silicon Valley Business Journal and was recognised by President Barack Obama for his role in coordinating a global entrepreneurship program.

Visit www.servicerocket.com for more information.‍

About TD School
The TD School at UTS recognises that great minds don’t always think alike. Collaboration across disciplines is fundamental to the school’s unique approach to learning, innovation and problem-solving.

By integrating different perspectives, data, information, tools, concepts, techniques and theories from multiple disciplines, our students and researchers discover new ways to tackle problems together. With world-class teachers and expert industry, government and community partners at the helm, our school is full of ample opportunities for those involved to evolve their thinking, harness the power of creativity and become master problem-solvers.

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