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2023: A Year Full of Rocketeer Accolades, Awards and Achievement

New Year—new goals—not so fast!

Before 2023 comes to a close we’ll take this opportunity to celebrate the many accolades and accomplishments that Rocketeers achieved this year.

This well-deserved recognition is a testament to their commitment, expertise and #ThinkTeam mindset. Kudos!

A parade of honors
The season began with springtime ceremonies in honor of 2022 awards, including HR Asia’s Best Companies to Work For and EFY recognizing ServiceRocket as one of Chile’s top 10 tech companies 2022 for young professionals.

The accolades continued when ServiceRocket was recognized by CIO Review as 2023 top Atlassian services company, backed by ServiceRocket’s 20+ years of Atlassian experience.

The CIO Review profile featured ServiceRocket founder and CEO Rob Castaneda and Chief Customer Officer Peter Marquez. “We trust one another. We’ve got each other’s backs,” says Marquez, “just as we do for Rocketeers, partners and customers.”  

ServiceRocket CCO Peter Marquez and CEO Rob Castaneda

Then in August ServiceRocket was awarded as a Top Workplaces 2023 by San Francisco Bay Area Top Workplaces based on Rocketeer input. A whopping 86% of Rocketeers gave ServiceRocket a favorable employee engagement rating, nearly 10% above the survey’s overall benchmark.


October brought yet more recognition when ServiceRocket was named a Pause Awards finalist in the Work Sweet Work category.

Now in its sixth year, the Pause Awards are a symbol of recognition for Australia’s pioneers and innovators.

Rocketeers in Sydney

“Our quest is to spotlight those who don’t just chase success but redefine it, carving out new vistas of what’s achievable,” notes Pause Awards founder and CEO George Hedon.

We’re proud of our podium finish in this highly competitive category—kudos to this year’s Pause Award winners!

A race to the finish
Rocketeer wellbeing, a priority at ServiceRocket, led to the launch of the Rocketeer Wellness Allowance program in 2022.

Rocketeers took their wellness commitment a big step further this year with the 100KM Rocketeer Virtual Race.  

Rocketeers hike outside Kuala Lumpur as part of their 100KM challenge

The challenge: swim, run, hike or walk 100KM in two months (that’s 61 days to complete 62 miles); the idea was inspired by our brand ambassador Sika Henry and her 2023 BHAG to run Comrades.

A whopping 128 Rocketeers signed up for the challenge with 84 crossing the finish line. With Sika as coach, they racked up nearly 8,000 miles on Strava.

Our journey with Sika
Sika Henry became our brand ambassador in 2021, the year she became the first African American female pro triathlete.

This year, in honor of our journey, we launched an exciting three-part video series, Sika & ServiceRocket that features Sika and Rob, himself an avid amateur triathlete.

We’re proud to have Sika’s back as she races toward a future of equity in sports.

Rob Castaneda and Sika Henry

We award Rocketeers
With the launch of the Scholarship and Learning allowance, this year saw the completion of our global benefits platform, the Rocketeer Focus Pyramid.

The Rocketeer Focus Pyramid

It took years to create a repeatable playbook that provides Rocketeers across five continents with equitable benefits. It was worth it.  

Every aspect of our culture, from profit sharing to wellness benefits to Cultural Heritage Day, is anchored by our promise to help Rocketeers learn and grow and impact their careers, families and local communities.

Kudos to an amazing year of achievements and here's to many more in 2024!

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