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March 1, 2024
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Build Your Peace of Mind Blueprint with Atlassian Managed Services' Certified Expertise

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Every company selects Atlassian for distinct reasons, like choosing a new car or phone. When making a substantial investment, you prioritize solutions tailored to your needs. While initial motivations matter, it's only through prolonged use that you fully understand the comprehensive advantages and intricacies of the technology. This principle holds for your Atlassian system as well.

Time, however, is a luxury most companies don't have in today's competitive landscape.

So how do you shorten the time frame to maximize organizational impact and ROI? You need someone with deep Atlassian system expertise to help. If you don't have an Atlassian expert on your team, or that person does not have time to allocate to the effort, then what? You're not alone.

Acquiring the right expertise at the right time has become increasingly difficult. The demand for skilled Atlassian implementation experts has led to a talent shortage, leaving companies struggling to assemble a team with the ideal blend of technical expertise and hands-on implementation experience.

To put this in context, here are a few statistics that paint a better picture of the state of specialized knowledge in the IT industry:

So what does this mean for you? It means you need to set yourself up for success from the start. 

For example, imagine success is like a pyramid. If you build the foundation with the right tools, add the right expertise, and top it off by embracing agility, it will lead to success. We call this the Peace of Mind Blueprint.

What is the Peace of Mind Blueprint?

The Peace of Mind Blueprint is a structured framework designed to deliver a stress-free and consistent experience while navigating the intricate Atlassian ecosystem. To build your Peace of Mind Blueprint, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like ServiceRocket can help by offering in-house certified experts and personalized solutions tailored to your needs and challenges. 

By employing a systematic approach to Atlassian tools management, MSPs ensure the timely identification and resolution of potential issues. This, in turn, creates an environment where you can operate seamlessly, instilling confidence in the reliability and efficiency of your Atlassian ecosystem. All of these actions contribute to the Peace of Mind Blueprint.

The 6 Stages of the Peace of Mind Blueprint

The Peace of Mind Blueprint includes several stages, each contributing to a comprehensive and stress-free Atlassian experience:

MSPs are crucial at every step in the Peace of Mind Blueprint, as they provide the expertise and support you need to navigate these stages seamlessly. Let’s take a closer look at each:

  1. Initial Assessment: Managed services experts initiate the process by thoroughly assessing your existing Atlassian environment, identifying potential challenges and devising tailored and custom solutions.
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  1. Implementation: Certified experts from the MSP guide you through implementing the recommended solutions. Processes are streamlined to minimize disruptions. MSPs also play a huge role in aligning systems with best practices.
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  1. Continuous Monitoring: Considered a cornerstone in the peace of mind blueprint, MSPs continuously oversee your Atlassian environment, promptly identify and address potential issues and retain the system’s health.
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  1. Proactive Issue Resolution: MSPs step in with proactive resolutions if issues arise. Certified experts leverage their rich experience and knowledge to swiftly address problems, minimizing downtime and optimizing Atlassian tool performance.
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  1. Optimization & Enhancements: Certified experts incorporate strategies for optimizing  Atlassian tools and recommend enhancements to ensure continual benefits from the latest features and improvements.
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  1. Strategic Guidance: Certified experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table by offering insights into industry best practices, advising on potential improvements and acting as partners in aligning Atlassian usage with your vision.
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How ServiceRocket’s Managed Services Can Help

With ServiceRocket’s Atlassian Managed Services team and its certified expertise, you can establish a resilient framework that manages tasks with assurance and dependability. This partnership is crucial in shaping the Peace of Mind Blueprint.

MSPs are pivotal in extracting the maximum value from Atlassian investments like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, etc. They offer expertise at the right time and in the right format, guaranteeing that your journey with Atlassian is optimized.

As an MSP, ServiceRocket has more than two decades of Atlassian expertise. We take pride in our in-house certified experts and offer flexible, SLA-backed packages that have proven instrumental in aiding global customers to scale and thrive.

 We aim to be recognized as the most reliable partner in accelerating your growth and are committed to doing whatever it takes to provide you peace of mind. This, in turn, allows you the freedom to concentrate on your vision and foster growth.

Our numbers speak for themselves, too:

As an Atlassian Platinum Partner, we are committed to providing exceptional support to our clients. That’s why we mean it when we say #WeGotYourBack.

Let ServiceRocket’s Atlassian-certified managed services experts help you run your Atlassian tools at scale.

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