Quickly Launch a Custom JIRA Service Desk

Whether you're a small team building your first ticketing system or an enterprise-class organization migrating from a legacy tool with sophisticated workflows, ServiceRocket can help.
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Organizations that achieve the greatest success with JIRA Service Desk (JSD) establish best practices and build organizational frameworks early in their implementation process.

ServiceRocket offers the skilled services needed to build a strong foundation for Service Desk in organizations of all sizes and expertise.

Our JIRA Service Desk Packages

ServiceRocket offers four JIRA Service Desk packages that can quickly move you forward: the JSD Assessment and Design Workshop, JSD Rapid Deployment Package, JSD Advanced Deployment Package, and a Custom Deployment Package.

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During this engagement, ServiceRocket works with your team to define the business problem, identify solutions and design a blueprint to get you there. These deliverables are the building blocks used to construct and configure a ticketing system that reflects your unique business needs.
  • Current and desired future state definition and requirement
  • Request type, workflow and SLA type analysis
  • Review possible roles and permissions, queues, automations, notifications and reports
  • Assessment deliverable with a solution blueprint and service/effort estimate
The JSD Assessment & Design Workshop also includes training so you have the knowledge needed to confidently and successfully initiate a JSD project.

Length: 3 - 5 days.
Ideal for:  Any organization that wants to plan for a new, improve or expand an existing JIRA Service Desk implementation.


This package deploys JSD for organizations tasked with quickly providing company-wide ticketing solutions. Our most popular Service Desk implementation offering, it is designed to quickly stand-up a working ticketing system for a given business function in a single JSD project. 
The package takes advantage of ServiceRocket’s library of predefined models, including:
  • Pre-defined service requests
  • Pre-defined workflows
  • Pre-defined SLA metrics
  • Pre-defined common report
Based on the JSD Assessment & Design Workshop, the Rapid Deployment Package provides everything many customers need to get started with JSD. Others organizations opt for additional services with ServiceRocket’s Custom Deployment Package to extend JSD to meet their specific business needs.

Length: 5-10 days.
Ideal for:  Best for existing implementations needing to migrate and small - midsize organization that plan to grow quickly.


The Advanced Deployment Package is similar to the Rapid Deployment Package above.  The main difference is that this package is designed to accommodate larger project implementations and multi-functional/project implementations.
This offering provides enhanced depth and flexibility as it delivers the convenience of a well-defined prepackaged offering. The Advanced Deployment Package provides the foundation customers with two business functions or more complex ticketing projects need. Based on the JSD Assessment & Design Workshop solution blueprint, customers may opt for additional services with the Custom Deployment Package to extend JSD to meet their specific business needs.

Length: 10 – 15 days
Ideal for:  Enterprise-class organizations supporting internal and external stakeholders as well as those with more complex implementations.


The Custom Deployment Pack allows a customer to map their needs against a predefined list of ala carte JIRA Service Desk services. Using a JSD Assessment & Design Workshop solution blueprint as a guide, customers can select service outcomes that meet their specific business needs.
Most often used in conjunction with the RSP or ADP packages, this service provides for the customization large organizations need to get the most out of JIRA Service Desk. This package is recommended for:
  • Large organizations that have to support internal and external support models
  • Companies that are migrating from existing ticketing systems
  • JSD users that used ServiceRocket to implement baseline ticketing systems and desire to enhance or customize them
Length: 2- 10 weeks
Ideal for:  Any JSD organization with complex business needs or that support processes that serve multiple corporate divisions, various affiliates, customers or supply chain partners.