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Interactive Training Maturity Assessment Tool

Determine the state of your software training business with our interactive assessment tool!

Interactive Assessment

The Training Maturity Model

Using the Enterprise Software Training Maturity Model, you can determine the current state of your training business, make an informed decision about how far you want to take your training business, and develop a strategy for getting there.

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Interactive Assessment

Ad Hoc Hell: 
Developing Your First Software Training Course

If you have been asked to develop training for your customers, and you have never (well, maybe not officially) done it before, this book is for you. You know the problem; as your company gains traction, customers start asking for (demanding) training.

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Choose Wisely:
How to Pick a Customer LMS

Choosing the right customer Learning Management System for your software company is a daunting task, especially when you consider there are over 690 LMSs on the market. This guide will help you make the right choice for your team and organization.

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How to Select an Atlassian Expert

This white paper will walk you through the considerations an organization or enterprise should measure when assessing an Atlassian partner.Whether you need an implementation fit to the unique needs of your organization, consulting, training, support or another service, this guide offers the necessary insight for critical evaluation.

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Practical JIRA Administration

Practical JIRA Administration shows you how JIRA is intended to be used, making it an ideal supplement to the extensive documentation already available. The book’s chapters are loosely connected, so you can go straight to the information that best serves your needs.

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